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Below is a list of our Return to Work (RTW) services offered from all our locations, provided in a way that works best for you (face-to-face or via seamless integration of technology).

As a signatory of the Health Benefits of Good Work, we champion the philosophy that work is good for you. Research has undeniably shown that good work can provide innumerable social, financial, emotional and physical benefits. All our services cater to the whole person. We focus on work and health in the context of life, helping people meet health, wellbeing, life and social goals as well as work goals. They are interconnected. Click here for more information on our extensive range of return to work programs which ensure we cater for a variety of scenarios.

Medical Case Conferencing is completed with clients and Nominated Treating Doctors (NTD) in several ways through use of video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. WorkFocus Australia consultants will assist the client (and NTD if required) with setting up Zoom on their preferred device. Consultants can also attend the NTD rooms in person and video-call the client at their home.

Consultants can also use encrypted video software (i.e. Scopia) or others used by different health districts across the country.

WorkFocus Australia consultants can use video conferencing to conduct worksite assessments and reviews.

If this can’t take place, we ask the employer if they are able to video either themselves (or a willing participant performing the client’s duties by way of example) and we then make comment on what we have observed. WorkFocus Australia has completed over 70,000 worksite assessments and has a large number of roles/task demands that we can reference as a part of a virtual worksite assessment.

ADL Assessments will still need to be completed face to-face; however, the wearing of masks and gloves is recommended. If the client is unwilling for a WorkFocus Australia consultant to attend their place of residence, we determine whether the client has a family member living with them. If not, whether they have a family member that can attend their property.

Following this, it is determined whether the client and or family member has a smartphone and they are asked to download the Zoom app. To be able to make an accurate recommendation for a client in relation to services or equipment, we need to observe the client performing (or attempting to) undertake their ADLs. For example: the size of the bath is measured by asking a family member to place a dining chair in the bath to gain an understanding of comparative size.

WorkFocus Australia consultants can use video conferencing platforms such as Zoom with clients to complete job seeking sessions, and to link in placement specialist and host employers for interviews and screening.

In the current COVID-19 crisis the labour market has undergone a sudden and dramatic change. WorkFocus Australia has reviewed the vocational options (VO) previously set for our New Employer clients and workers looking to begin a work trial to ensure alignment of skills with availability.

During initial contact with the client, it needs to be pre-determined if they have a smartphone. If so, the client is requested to download the Zoom app, and a meeting request is sent to the client.

The assessment is then completed via video, rather than face to-face or on the phone and visual observation can take place of any behaviours that are contradictory to the client’s responses. This also allows for observation of any licenses the client may possess.

Where the client is willing and able to travel into the office, the PWPE should still be completed there. A face mask and gloves, as well as hand sanitiser can be provided to the client if requested.

If an interpreter is required, the preference is to use Zoom so that the client will have a visual on the interpreter and no messaging is lost. All functional rooms in WorkFocus Australia offices are large enough to comply with social distancing advice.

WorkFocus Australia is completing all critical case reviews via secure video conferencing lines, and we can access specialists to attend and provide injury management and medical advice as required.

CBT Online is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) group-based resilience program.

Utilising our Zoom platform, clients can interact with group members as they work through a program which aims to strengthen their capacity to cope with changes and challenges, and to bounce back during difficult times. The WorkFocus Australia facilitator can provide individual support through chat functions as well as enabling clients to interact and participate in group activities as they would in a face to face setting.

Groups run weekly for five weeks, with sessions being 2 hours in duration, and pre and post assessments are completed to measure the effectiveness of group participation.

EAP Lite is a support service for clients to remain in contact and provides support for managing their wellbeing whilst feeling isolated. This is conducted via the Zoom platform which enables the client and Psychologist to see each other thereby assisting in building a connection.

EAP Lite provides practical support solutions and is goal-orientated; empowering clients to independently work towards achievement of personal goals thus improving mental wellbeing.

A brief report is provided outlining the goals set and progress towards these.

WorkFocus Australia consultants understand that over the coming weeks teams may be required to seek alternative work arrangements such as working from home. We can provide a working from home Ergonomic Education Program which will assist in reducing the risk of injury whilst work environments are less structured. Key features of the program include:

  • Education on appropriate workstation set up
  • Importance of frequent postural variation
  • Guidelines for workplace stretches
  • Tips for remaining productive
  • Respecting office whereabouts protocols for safety requirements
  • Importance of remaining connected.

Ergonomic Education Programs are provided by virtual methods, with supporting documentation electronically provided. The program can be run in a group or individual basis depending on the business requirements.

A triage service which integrates evidence-based data from ODG and a behavioural insights screen with the client to determine the correct pathway of support required. Using ODG to guide conversations, our experienced team engage with stakeholders and provide recommendations back to your business. This will include treatment and capacity upgrade support.

A WorkFocus Australia psychologist meets with the client via Zoom to gain a full picture of their circumstances, provide support, improve their understanding of the process and develop a comprehensive report.

At the same time, a consulting psychiatrist from our parent company MedHealth, liaises with the treating General Practitioner (GP) to clarify the diagnosis, discuss the Health Benefits of Good Work and confidently develop treatment plans.

WorkFocus Australia can provide IMA support remotely via a dedicated hotline for case managers to call.

We can support in the development of rehabilitation and return to work strategy, inclusive of providing opinions in relation to the treatment, rehabilitation and attendant care requests.

Telehealth services refers to the delivery of consultations via video or telephone.

This is a great service for high risk COVID-19 clients, or those in rural areas who may be lacking treatment.

  • Consultations are inclusive of any electronic communication to support the delivery of the treatment service
  • The appropriateness of this mode of service delivery is considered for each worker on a case-by-case basis
  • Service providers are responsible for delivering Telehealth services in accordance with the principles of professional conduct and the relevant professional and practice guidelines to ensure that all care is taken to ensure the safety, appropriateness and effectiveness of the service
  • Telehealth services may be conducted via platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, or over the phone pending the ability of the user
  • The initial session and some exercises may be completed face-to-face to explain and teach the client how to use the platform, thereafter, moving to an online platform

Designed to restore functional and work capacities to the injured person through application of graded work simulation. Read more >

We believe in the benefits of good work, read more here.

If you want to know more about how we can help, please contact us 1300 570 181 or make a referral.

WorkFocus Australia acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land upon which we live and work, and pays respect to Elders past and present.

We are part of MedHealth, a family of industry leading health, medical and employment enterprises that bring together a unique and diverse set of capabilities.

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